martes, 27 de abril de 2010

♥~ Mio BabyLove ~♥

what's your name?
what's your nickname?
Mio but my close friends call me Yomi
where are you from?
Bremen, Germany
when's your birthday?
what's your age?
Just turned 19 ♪
what's your favorite color?
Actually I like all colors, mostlly pastels.
what's your favorite animal?
Cat ♥ And the Lynx
what's your favorite dessert?
I don't really have such a thing.
what's your favorite food?
I don't have any favorites. I eat everything besides meat.
what's your favorite brand?
Angelic Pretty, Banana Fish, 6%DokiDoki, Mezzo Piano, ACDC, ManiaQ
hobbies: Singing, drawing, sleeping, sewing, designing, crafting, playing the bass, shopping
about your decorer life:
How long have you been deco?
Since 2005
What inspired you to follow this fashion?
Mostly to see all those confident girls and boys on the streets of tokyo. I was impressed how they were able to express themselves through fashion only but yet with so much success. Fashion is a strong weapon.
what you like best about decora fashion?
Mostly it's uniqueness. There are little to no other styles alike and all those colors are really powerful. One needs confidence to wear it and at the same time they give this confidence back to those who wear it.
You make your own clothes or, do you buy it?
Both. Whenever I have the time I love to design and make my own clothes. It simply feels good to make something with your own hands.But I also love buying things, going shopping and some brands have simply amazing stuff ♥
what has been the most expensive thing you have ever bought?
!Probably my Sugary Carnival onepiece from Angelic Pretty, haha ♪
what's your favorite branch of deco?
Cute characters, accessory and platform shoes.
what said your families when they looked for the first time of with this fashion?
I don't quite remember how it was on the first time. But what I can say is that my mother really likes the way I dress (may it be Decora, Lolita, Fairy or Casual) and my father doesn't really care about it as long as I'm feeling good.
Something you want to tell others decorer or people "X" to read this?
To those who know and support me, I really want to say 'Thank you' from the bottom of my heart.Other than that all I can say to my Decora fellows: Keep up the great work! Decora is not only a fashion but it always brings people together, connects and maybe even create a better world with more acceptance. Who knows? However, never lose your colors ♥
Entrevista TRADUCIDA
Como te llamas?
¿cuál es tu apodo?
Mio, pero mis amigos íntimos me llaman Yomi
de dónde eres?
Bremen, Alemania
¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?
¿cuál es tu edad?
Acabo de cumplir 19 ♪
¿cuál es tu color favorito?
En realidad me gustan todos los colores, preferente los pasteles.
¿cuál es tu animal favorito?
gato ♥ y el lince
¿cuál es tu postre favorito?
Yo realmente no ninguno en especial
¿cuál es tu comida favorita?
No tengo ningún favorito. Yo como de todo, además de la carne.
¿cuál es tu marca favorita?
Angelic Pretty, Banana Fish, DokiDoki 6%, Piano Mezzo, ACDC, ManiaQ
hobbies:Cantar, dibujar, dormir, costura, diseño, elaboración, tocando el bajo, ir de compras
Cuanto tiempo llevas siendo deco?
desde el 2005
qe fue lo que te inspiro a seguir el deco?
principalmente cuando mire la seguridad de las chicas y chicos en las calles de tokio.Me impresiono como fueron capaces de expresarse solo con la moda pero aun con tanto exito.La moda es un arma poderosa.
qe es lo qe mas te gusta del decora?
sobre todo su originalidad.Hay pocos o ningún otros estilos similares y todos esos colores son poderosos. Uno necesita confianza para usarlo y al mismo tiempo ah dado confianza a quienes lo llevan